Current List of Louisiana Board Certified Family Law Attorneys

Louisiana Board Certified Family Law Attorneys

Here is the list of professionals who are certified as Family Law specialists as of March 7, 2012 by the Louisiana Board of Certified Family Law Attorneys

Family Law Directory


Layne M Adams Downsville
Dawn Amacker – Inactive Covington
Charles Kerry Anderson – Inactive Deridder
Ernest S Anderson Slidell
D Rex Anglin Shreveport
James H Askew Shreveport
Terry George Aubin Alexandria
Andrea Ducote Aymond Marksville
Michael Baham Metairie
Suzanne Ecuyer Bayle New Orleans
Jeffrey W Bennett Harahan
Alfred R Beresko Shreveport
David A Blanchet – Inactive Lafayette
Lisa Leslie Boudreaux Baton Rouge
Laurie J Burkett Monroe
H Craig Cabral Metairie
David L Carriere Opelousas
Teresa Culpepper Carroll Jonesboro
Monique Babin Clement Ruston
Lauren G Coleman Alexandria
Michael D Conroy Covington
Amy Elizabeth Counce Baton Rouge
Angela Wilt Cox Slidell
Robert P Cuccia Houma
Jennifer Carter deBlanc Marrero
Mary Clemence Devereux – Inactive Covington
Karen D Downs Baton Rouge
Elizabeth Ann Dugal Lafayette
Lillian T Dunlap West Monroe
Jack L Dveirin New Orleans
Desiree Duhon Dyess Natchitoches
Linda Kay Ewbank Monroe
William J Faustermann Slidell
Calvin A Fleming Gretna
Jamie Elizabeth Fontenot Port Allen
Marcus Todd Foote Baton Rouge
James L Fortson Shreveport
Patricia M Franz Metairie
Deborah Parker Gibbs Baton Rouge
Frank A Granger Lake Charles
Nancy S Gregorie Baton Rouge
Grace Phyllis Gremillion Covington
Kenneth P Haines Shreveport
Steven W Hale Lake Charles
Helen Popich Harris Lafayette
Paul M. Hebert Baton Rouge
David Cleveland Hesser Alexandria
Mitchell J Hoffman New Orleans
Lila Tritico Hogan Hammond
Melanie Newkome Jones Baton Rouge
Patricia M Joyce – Inactive Gretna
Charlene Ory Kazan – Inactive Slidell
Margaret H Kern Covington
Debra M Kesler Metairie
Paul H Kidd Monroe
Philip C Kobetz Lafayette
Charles O LaCroix Alexandria
Lindsey M Ladouceur Abita Springs
Bernadette Rocco Lee New Orleans
Robert D Levenstein Laplace
Robert G Levy Alexandria
Robert C Lowe New Orleans
Christine O’Brien Lozes Covington
Barbara Volk Madere Marrero
Mark Joseph Mansfield Covington
Rachel C Marinovich New Orleans
Kenneth R Martinez Opelousas
Lisa C Matthews – Inactive Covington
Lorraine Jane Andresen McCormick Baton Rouge
Jean M Meaux Covington
James Ogden Middleton Alexandria
Terri McDonough Miles Gretna
Sean David Miller Bossier City
Edith H Morris New Orleans
Susan Helene Neathamer Gretna
Kim M O’Dowd New Orleans
Patrice Wightman Oppenheim Covington
W James Ortego Lake Charles
Carolyn F Ott Denham Springs
Evelyn M Oubre Lake Charles
David R Paddison Covington
David M Prados New Orleans
Vanessa Denise Randall – Inactive Lafayette
Carol T Richards Covington
Philip Riegel Metairie
Kenneth Rigby Shreveport
Vincent Anthony Saffiotti Baton Rouge
Laurel Annette Salley Metairie
Sandra S Salley Metairie
Lila Molaison Samuel Gretna
Walter M Sanchez Lake Charles
Jane C Scheuermann Metairie
Susan D Scott Shreveport
Suzette Marie Smith New Orleans
H F Sockrider Shreveport
Diane A Sorola Lafayette
D Reardon Stanford Lafayette
Charles W Strickland Shreveport
Susan L Theall Lafayette
Frank P Tranchina Covington
Linda A Veazey Abbeville
Sandra Lynn Walker Shreveport
Lynne W Wasserman Metairie
Marc D Winsberg New Orleans
Jeffrey S Wittenbrink Baton Rouge
Barbara J Ziv New Orleans

Here are the requirements to be certified as a Family Law professional by the Louisiana Board of Legal Specialization as of March 7, 2012  FamilyLaw

Louisiana Legal Specialization – Standards for Family Law Certification

Standards for Family Law Certification

Adopted By The Family Law Advisory Commission

The following are the standards for qualifying for certification in the field of family law.

1. A minimum of five years of actual practice of law on a full time basis immediately preceding the year of certification.

2. A minimum of 35% of the total time devoted to the practice of law annually in each of the 5 years preceding application and in each year of certification shall be in the field of family law. Additionally, the attorney must demonstrate actual experience in the representation of clients, contested hearings and trials, negotiation and settlement of family law matters, and knowledge of appellate procedures.


a. In the year of application, and in each year of certification, the applicant must obtain credit for eighteen (18) hours of approved continuing legal education pursuant to the Supreme Court of Louisiana Rules for Continuing Legal Education.  All eighteen (18) hours must be in the field of family law.  All continuing legal education credits of an applicant or certificate holder must be approved by the Louisiana Board of Legal Specialization and the family law credits must be approved by the Family Law Advisory Commission.

b. CLE earned in prior years may not be used to satisfy the eighteen (18) hours required within the year of application.

c. CLE carry forward from the year of application will not be permitted.

d. Following certification, a CLE carry forward of up to eight (8) hours of approved family law CLE earned in excess of the eighteen (18) hours minimum required per year, will be permitted.

e. Family law specialization CLE credit will be allowed for teaching a family law course at any MCLE approved seminar.

4. All applicants must pass a written examination applied uniformly to all applicants demonstrating sufficient knowledge, proficiency and experience in the following areas of family law as is necessary to justify the representation of special competence to the legal profession and to the public:

a. The procedure in Civil Code Articles 102 and 103 Divorces

b. Domicile, Venue and Jurisdiction

c. Child Support

d. Child Custody

e. Alimony/Spousal Support and Alimony/Spousal Support Pendente Lite

f. Use and Occupancy of the Family Home and Community Movables and Immovables, and Rental Value for Use and Occupancy

g. Temporary Restraining Orders and Injunctive Relief

h. Appointment of Attorneys to Represent Children in Child Custody and Visitation Proceedings

i. Matrimonial Regimes, including Partition of Community Property and Settlement of Claims Arising from Matrimonial Regimes

j. Co-ownership of Former Community Property

k. Qualified Domestic Relations Orders

l. Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction Act

m. Parental Kidnapping Prevention Act

n. Matrimonial Agreements

o. The Domestic Abuse Assistance Act

p. Ethics and Professional Conflicts

q. Income Tax Consequences upon Divorce and Partition of Community Property

r. Qualified Medical Child Support Orders

The written examination may also include the following subjects, which are of lesser importance than the areas of family law listed above:

a. Appeals and Writs

b. Ex-parte Orders

c. Illegitimates, Acknowledgement, Legitimation, Filiation, Disavowal, and Paternity Testing

d. Divorce When the Defendant is a Non-resident, and Other Curator Issues

e. Claims for Contributions to Education or Training

f. Affidavits of Non-Miliary Service

g. Visitation Rights of Non-Parents

h. Major Pension Partition Cases

i. Court Ordered Mediation

j. Emancipation

k. Evidence, but limited to evidentiary rules that are peculiar to family law or particularly important to family law.

The following subjects, which are considered of lesser importance than the areas and subjects listed above, may be tested to a limited extent on the written examination:

a. Name Confirmations

b. Conflict of Laws

c. Putative Marriages

The following topics are of limited importance, but the written examination may contain questions concerning them:

a. Adoptions

b. The Hague Convention

c. Nullity of Marriage

5. Each applicant will consent to a confidential inquiry, by the Louisiana Board of Legal Specialization or the Family Law Advisory Commission, directed to all persons who serve as references for the applicant and to other persons regarding the applicant’s competence and qualifications to be recognized as a Family Law Specialist.  This inquiry and review shall consider information furnished by references and other information which the advisory commission deems relevant to demonstrate whether the applicant has achieved recognition as having a level of competence indicating proficient performance and handling the usual matters of the specialty field. Such information may include the applicant’s work product, problem analysis, statement of issues and analysis, ethics, reputation, professionalism or such other criteria which the advisory commission deems appropriate to take into account prior to making its recommendations.

6. Each applicant shall submit to the Family Law Advisory Commission the names and addresses of at least five persons who are lawyers or judges, at least two of whom are Board Certified Family Law Specialists, who can attest to the applicant’s competence in the specialty field in which recognition is sought.

7. Each applicant must carry malpractice insurance in the minimum amount of $500,000, unless waived for good cause by the Louisiana Board of Legal Specialization.

8. Recertification shall be required every five years from the date of certification or recertification, as the case may be.

9. The applicant must comply with the rules established by the Louisiana Board of Legal Specialization as they relate to release of disciplinary action information.

10. Each applicant shall pay the fees required by the Board and by the Family Law Advisory Commission

For more information, contact the Executive Director of the Louisiana Board of Legal Specialization.

Megan Landry
Executive Director
Louisiana Board of Legal Specialization
601 St. Charles Avenue
New Orleans, La 70130
Direct (504) 619-0128
Toll Free (800) 421-5722
Fax (504) 598-6753


Family Law Advisory Commission 2011-2012

CHAIR:  William J. Faustermann, Jr.
2238 Gause Blvd. E
Slidell, LA 70461-4231
(985) 649-6010 Telephone
(985) 649-6693 Fax
Term expires: June 30, 2012

VICE CHAIR:   D. Reardon Stanford*
315 S. College Rd., Suite 165
Lafayette, LA 70503
(337) 234-1012 Telephone
(337) 237-1128 Fax
Term expires: June 30, 2014

SECRETARY:   Melanie Newkome Jones
533 Europe Street
Baton Rouge, LA 70802
(225) 344-2200 Telephone
(225) 344-1200 Fax
Term expires: June 30, 2014

Jamie Elizabeth Fontenot
1650 Beaulieu Lane
Port Allen, LA 70767-5874
(225) 749-3242 Telephone
(225) 749-0819 Fax
Term expires: June 30, 2011

Lisa Leslie Boudreaux*
10744 Linkwood Court
Baton Rouge, LA 70810
(225) 769-8500 Telephone
(225) 769-8552 Fax
Term expires: June 30, 2014

Randy Fuerst*
130 W. Kirby Street
Lake Charles, LA 70601
(337) 436-3332 Telephone
(337) 491-6888 Fax
Term expires:  June 30, 2012

Kenneth P. Haines
912 Kings Hwy.
Shreveport, LA 71104-4236
(318) 222-2100 Telephone
(318) 226-5152 Fax
Term expires: June 30, 2012

Robert G. Levy**
1101 Bolton Ave Ste B
Alexandria, LA 71301
(318) 443-7615 Telephone
(318) 443-0074 Fax
Term expires: June 30, 2013

LBLS Liaison
Megan Landry
Executive Director
Louisiana Board of Legal Specialization
601 St. Charles Avenue
New Orleans, La 70130
(504) 619-0128 Direct

*CLE Committee
**Chair,2012 Examination Chair

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